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Customer Service

Besides exporting vehicles, machinery, Scraps and Spare parts, we are able to provide direct purchase service to our customer who unable to come or want to come Japan also arrange tours to different Auto auction, Tender Auction, Auto Dealers and the sources where they want to select for purchase after that providing destination advice for shipment where they want to ship

Accounts & Finance

Our used parts services to provide your desire vehicles parts is related heavy or light type vehicles we have our on line collaboration with parts supplier to get and search by fast services to our customers by own and sending them By Courier Services.

Vanning Service

We enhances our new services to fulfill customers requirements in addition to our Technical capabilities to vanning motor vehicle panels and is used for transporting goods accident and damage vehicles deliver to the port And transportation different type of cars and trucks to their required places


We equipped with high performance machinery and authorize dealership to provide full and Semi dismantle vehicle services to our valued customer as per their supplies and mode of Shipment to the final destination.