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Consignee Bank address

Company Address: Niigataken Kitakanbara Gun Seiro Machi Oaza,
Fujiyose 325-8,Japan 957-0127
Bank address:
Swift code: DAISJPJT

Terms & Conditions

We accept ONLY payments made using the account listed below.
All payments must be made at least 50% of the total C&F value of each vehicle. We will only arrange the shipping once initial payment is received.
Payments should be made within 5 working days after the reservation of desired vehicles, parts.
If you have any problem or delay in the payment procedure, please contact us promptly.
Once the payment has been sent, please send email with a scan copy of Telegraphic Transfer.

Pricing & Container Shipment

All prices mentioned on our stock list are FOB, you can contact our sales staff through 24/7 calling
support service OR you can email us about any of the stock vehicle to get the C&F price for your desired country. If you don’t find your desired vehicle, you can contact our sales staff and they will get your desired vehicles in competitive prices.
If payments of reserved vehicles are not received within due time (5 working days) then Saito Shokai
reserves the right to cancel that reservation.
If payments are sent after the expiry of reservation for your desired vehicle, Saito Shokai will not ship that vehicle for you but you can chose another vehicle from our vast range of available stock or we can get another desired vehicle for you from auction.
For container shipment, you can contact our sales staff on our 24/7 calling support or you can email us
to get the quote (buying + cost + freight) for your desired country for 20” – 40”, 40” HQ containers. We have special packages for spare parts orders for 20” – 40” containers.
Customers will pay for the extra transport charges if the vehicles are at different ports, plus all the
charges occurred to make a container (vanning, lashing, terminal handling, etc)

Request for Buying Services

If you do not find your desired vehicles in our stock lists, you may ask us to look your requirements. We will look for your required vehicle in Japanese auctions & in stock of our valued suppliers. We then buy the vehicle on your behalf, according to your instructions & export to you.
Please send the details of your requirement by
E-mail: [email protected] 
Fax No: +81 254-27-7041